Szwajacarska snowboardzistka Anne-Flore Marxer wybrała deskę MTD od APO,

Oto co powiedziała odnośnie zmian:

„I’m glad to announce that I just signed with Apo! I most definitely LOVE my new board! Super playful, light under the feet, mad pop, double rocker and super easy in pow but still awesome for freestyle moves! It’s been a while since I had such a fun toy under my feet! The team is full of really fun shredders who I have tons of respect for and love to hang with! The Apo office is right around the corner and I LOVED our very first meeting which was supposed to happen in the office and ended up as a big half day of pow shred before everyone went back to work! 40cm and blue sky, what else for a great start!?”

Anne-Flore Marxer zawsze obecna na scenie snowboardowej, pojawiła się na ponad 20 okładkach magazynów, zdobyła tytuł Freeride World Champion w roku 2011, ambasadorka World Snowboard Day, posiadająca swój part w „2112” kultowego Standard Films.

AFM dołączyła do Apo
fot. Claudio Zenger

Marki wpierające snowboardową pasję AFM: APO, Swatch, Sosh, Oakley, Blue Tomato, 32, Etnies, Recco, TSG protections, Recco, Buff oraz Keep a Breast.

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